Frank Amedia

Profile Updated: February 9, 2017
Frank Amedia
Residing In: Canfield, OH USA
Spouse/Partner: Lorilee
Occupation: Pastor
Children: Carisa, born 1978
Michal, born 1986
Keshet, born 1988
Samuel, born 1991
Yes! Attending Reunion

It has been an interesting life story, moving from Ohio to Florida, and now back to Canfield where we founded and pastor Touch Heaven Canfield Church. Lorilee and I are celebrating 35 years together, we have four children and four grandchildren. The call to service of our Lord in ministry has taken us to many different venues around the globe. We live an exciting life in His service even as we prepare for more change in the future. We can attest, both from knowledge of His scriptures and from personal experience, that our God never fails us, is forever faithful, and is able to provide all of our needs according to His riches in Glory, in Christ Jesus. I cherish each adn every day as another opportunity to live my destiny and seek to serve the Kingdom of God.

School Story:

For some scandalous reason of inequity of the school merit system (not to be disclosed), myself, Joe Hayek and Tom Shaw were quarantined in a room on the third floor with some other undeserving souls who were being similarly mistreated for meaningless infractions of injustice. This room was overlooking the courtyard. Beneath was one of our favorite sisters of the cloth. She had just finished admonishing us for leaning out the window and talking to the more fortunate free and spirited souls down below who were heckling us because of our misfortune of being detained after school was over. Spontaneously, we came up with the bright idea to fake one of us falling out of the window to see what reaction it might bring from the unsuspecting beloved sister. Of course I was the obvious choice given that I weighed 145 lbs, Tom was around 170 lbs, and Joe "slightly" more. Without hesitation, and with full confidence in my class brothers, I tightened my belt and got up onto the window sill as Tom tightened his grip on one leg and Joe the other. And then the free fall started and there I was hanging upside down outside along the wall, and screaming out for someone to help me. The Good sister shrieked and began to run into the building for help. The crowd below clapped and yelled with appreciation (and no doubt applauded our dumbounded ingorance). My trusted brothers pulled me back in, nearly pulling my trousers off of me in the process. But for us, our pride was restored, our honor defended, and a mockery was made of our detention. Mission accomplished. Future excursions to this third floor den of indignity resulted in the three of us being kept up front and away from windows.