Class of 70 Fund


The picture below is of the start up committee for the first class based scholarship at Ursuline.  The Class of  ‘70 scholarship is a need based grant with a requirement that the recipient have at least one parent that is an UHS alum.
Tom Stabi, Dan Lyden, Ed Sturgeon, Bill Wainio, Jean Wainio, John Craig, Pat Tringhese, Tony Tringhese, Mark Curtis, Kathy Chaffee-Gaige and Mary Margaret Santisi (1990 Photo)
In 1991 a golf outing was started to supplement the contributions to the fund. There were nine outings from 1991 thru 2001 and it raised over $11,000. Thru the years the committee consisted of John Butler, JV Craig, Bill and Jean Wainio, Ken McMahon, Tom Stabi, Joe Hayek, Frank Chimento, Kevin O’Leary, and Tony and Pat Tringhese.
 The fund as of November, 2011 is at $22,157.95 with the yearly interest used to fund qualifying student(s).
Below is a list of the recipients since the funds inception:
1992-93          Gayle Davis
1993-94          Bill Steele
1994-95          Stephanie Zalovcik
1995-96          Patrick Manning  &  Kevin O'Leary
1996-97          Patrick Manning
1997-98          Patrick Manning  &  Chuck Pregibone
1998-99          Kerri Lamb
1999-2000      Kerri Lamb  &  Stephanie Papa
2000-01          Ryan Hackett
2001-02          Ryan Hackett
2002-03          Ryan Hackett
2003-04          Suzanne Marsco
2004-05          Suzanne Marsco
2005-06          Suzanne Marsco 
2006-07          Suzanne Marsco
2007-08          Brittany Frazzini
2008-09          Danielle Marsco
2009-10          Veronica Christoff
2010-11          Veronica Christoff
2011-2012      Madeline Christoff
2012-2013      Emily Wainio
2013-2014       Emily Wainio
2014-2015       Emily Wainio
2015-2016       Emily Cripe
2016-2017        Emily Cripe
With tuition on the rise and the decline of interest on investments recently any contribution (tax deductible) you can make to the Class of '70 scholarship is appreciated.